rules to play one pocket pool

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Close calls and conflict resolution

Rules to play One Pocket Pool

Close calls and conflict resolution

Unless a referee is assigned, players shall be responsible for refereeing their own match. Whenever the players themselves can come to an amicable agreement on any scoring or officiating issues to their satisfaction, and play continues, their decision shall be deemed final. If at anytime in a match either player anticipates a close call, or would like a neutral party to spot a ball, or wishes to have an official ruling in any conflict, then an official should be called. The non shooting player bears extra responsibility to call an official if they anticipate a close call. In the event of any too close to callsituation, arbitration should favor the shooter unless there is verifiable mitigating evidence in the judgment of the official. In the event of a disagreement over a contested ball, with no evidence in the judgment of the official to warrant crediting the ball to either player, then the contested ball shall be deemed a neutral ball, and spotted according to rule 9.4.

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Spotting balls
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One PocketRules
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Close calls and conflict resolution
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