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Healthy Stomach


Nancy has noticed that many people who first come into her healing center drink a lot of soda and coffee. Some even start their day with these acid-producing beverages and changing this habit can really bring about positive changes in your digestive health. Soda and coffee dehydrate your body, which can also sap your energy. Drinking filtered water, organic herbal teas and probiotic liquids provide energy and hydration. Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine both say that cold drinks slow your digestive fire or your chi (energy). Since life and healing require energy, focus on room temperature water and beverages or warm tea.

Nurture your guts residents
Chew thoroughly
Eat a little less
Be the center of attention
Is counting calories the only way to guarantee a flat stomach
Limit foods that are high in fat
Do artificial sweeteners really pack on pounds
Eat a high fiber diet
Watch out for foods that trigger digestive problems
Arent protein shakes just for bodybuilders
Choose lean meats
Eat on schedule
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