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Discussing and revising with other students

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
Discussing and revising with other students

If it is the case of making a point, argument or giving proof of why you think something, then think an answer out loud to a friend to improve your recall and train of thought. At this stage, its a simple way of testing how much you know and to see if you can string a logical answer together. It doesnt matter how bluntly you put it.
Let your friends or fellow students prompt you if you get stuck and prompt them on theirs, if they get stuck. Try not to use the textbooks unless the exam says to use them. If you both get stuck on the same part, then you will have identified a particular area where you both need to be stronger in and you can help each other revise.

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Discussing and revising with other students
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