top most powerful armies in the world

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Top Most Powerful Armies In The World

Top Most Powerful Armies In The World.

Unusually for such a well developed country as Mexico, their armed forces are not combined into one large group, but instead are two distinct and completely independent groups. This can often make it difficult when you are thinking about whether or not Mexico has the most powerful army in the world, because technically it doesn t. It just has two very strong armed forces, but they do not work together, and have no real desire to. On the one hand, you have the Mexican Army, which confusing includes the Mexican Air Force (don t ask us why, we have no idea). On the other hand, you have the Mexican Navy. There is absolutely no common personnel that these two groups share, and the only thing they have in common, apart from their names and the country that they serve, is that the President is technically in charge of both of them. Though we d like to see the President try. Unlike most of the strongest military in the world, the Mexican armed forces are not that interested in waging wars, stocking up on global firepower, and bullying their neighbours. They don t even have any tanks. Instead, a third of their time, effort, and money is centred on and invested in defences against natural disasters. Under the code of the Mexican armed forces,

South Korea
The United Kingdom
The Netherlands
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