shah jahan

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Contribution to the arts

Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan was the fifth Mughal Emperor of India.
Contribution to the arts

All the inscriptions on the Taj Mahal tombs of Shah Jahan and his wife are in Persian Calligraphy on the tombs and on the Agra Fort quranic Calligraphy and Persian poem in Nasta?l?qinscription. Shah Jahans cenotaph is bigger than that of his wife, but reflects the same elements: a larger casket on a slightly taller base, again decorated with astonishing precision with lapidary and calligraphy that identifies him.

Maritime trade
Patron of the Arts
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Mughal Empire
The Master Builder
Contributions to architecture
Patron of Letters
Administration of the Mughal Empire
Relations with the Safavid dynasty
Sikh rebels
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