rules for play xmas games

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The general idea

Rules For Play Xmas Games

These rules are provided free of charge to promote the play of traditional Xmas game playing.
The general idea

Feel free to participate individually, as a couple, or as an observer.The game consists of everyone bringing a gift valued between $20 and $25 (or any other value the host sets). At the end of the night, each participant ends up taking a gift home.ift wrapping should be first class as it helps folks decide which gift to select. If it is a gift best for a man or woman it can be labeled as such, but it is not necessary to label the gifts.What kind of gift works well? Something fun, unique, and in good taste. Last year family games were the big hit.As an added bonus, we always do a Surprise Ending Gift. This is to motivate participants to bring well thought out gifts; the person who brings along the gift that gets retired first gets an additional gift valued up to $25, courtesy of the hosts.

Returning Presents to the Whos
How a gift becomes retired
Try these fun white elephant game variations
How the game ends
A great time to play is
White elephant game rules
How many people do you need
One last thought
Playing the Game
A special present
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