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Make Note of Your Past Accomplishments

Carrer Success Tips

A career coach gives advice to help you land your dream job.
Make Note of Your Past Accomplishments

Most people dont keep a very good record of work accomplishments and then struggle with creating a powerful resume when its time to search for a new job. Making note of your past accomplishments keeping a record of them is not only useful for building your resume, its also useful for career planning.Sometimes reviewing your past accomplishments will reveal forgotten successes, one or more which may trigger researching and planning a career shift so that you can be in a job that allows you to accomplish the types of things that make you most happy and proud.For more about accomplishments, read Tracking and Leveraging Accomplishments.

Be nice to people
Be Discreet
Measure Your Own Success
Communicate with your supervisor
Dont be afraid to ask questions
Research Further Career Job Advancement Opportunities
Stand tall and take up space
Accept the Job with Class
Reflect on Your Likes and Dislikes Needs and Wants
Phone Prep
Lower your vocal pitch
Set Career and Job Goals
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