myth about aids

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HIV and AIDS are only caused through sex

Myth about AIDS

A person is considered to have developed AIDS when the immune system is so weak.
HIV and AIDS are only caused through sex

This can occur in hospitals, tattoo parlours and in individuals taking intravenous drugs. Also, breast milk from an HIV infected mother can cause HIV in the new born, if breast fed unknowingly. Very rarely, HIV can also spread through deep kissing if either of the persons are HIV+ and have bleeding gums. viral strains can also spread through unsafe and unhygienic usage of needles

I can get ADIS
I m straight and don t use drugs I won t become HIV positive
If I or my partner were HIV positive we could not have children
Being HIV positive means you can t do certain things like be a nurse or parent
ARVs disfigure you
HIV from mosquitoes
AIDS can be cured
Only people from the lower socio economic class are affected by HIV
AIDS is genocide
Scientists are five years from a cure for AIDS
Sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure AIDS
Current drugs are so strong that you can stop taking them with no problem
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