rules to play 8 ball pool

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Fouls that will result

Rules to play 8 Ball Pool

Fouls that will result

Running out of time you have a short amount of time to take your shot, so dont take too long or play passes to the other player. Your time gets a little shorter with every ball you pot in a game.
Cue ball not hitting your own balls if the white doesnt make contact with one of your own balls before hitting your opponents balls, or it misses altogether, this is a foul.
No ball hitting the rail if neither the object ball nor the cue ball hit the rail around the edge of the table, this is a foul. This is to designed to prevent negative play

Challengingadding friends
8 ball pocketed on the break
Standard Fouls
Break Shot
Loss of game
Calling pockets
Eight Ball Rack
Shots Required to Be Called
Serious Fouls
Potting the 8 Ball
Legal Shots
Practice racking the balls
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