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Myth about AIDS

I can get ADIS
Nothing to worry about becoming HIV positive new drugs will keep me well
HIV from mosquitoes
Im HIV positive my life is over
AIDS is genocide
Im straight and dont use IV drugs I wont become HIV positive
If Im receiving treatment I cant spread the HIV virus
My partner and I are both HIV positive theres no reason for us to practice safer sex
I could tell if my partner was HIV positive
You cant get HIV from oral sex
ARVs disfigure you
If I or my partner were HIV positive we could not have children
Current medications can cure AIDS It s no big deal if you get infected
You have to take your doses exactly 12 hours apart
You have to take 100 persent of your doses or else the drugs stop working
Current drugs are so strong that you can stop taking them with no problem
AIDS drugs are poison and are more dangerous than the HIV virus
AIDS can be cured
AIDS is a gay disease
AIDS crisis will solve by vaccine
You can get AIDS by kissing an HIV infected person
I cant have more than one sexually transmitted disease at a time
Getting tested for HIV is pointless
AIDS is mostly an African problem
To stop the spread of HIV people simply need to give up promiscuous sex and drug use
HIV is the same as AIDS
Sexual intercourse with a virgin will cure AIDS
Sexual intercourse with an animal will avoid or cure AIDS
HIV antibody testing is unreliable
HIV can be spread through casual contact with an HIV infected individual
HIV positive individuals can be detected by their appearance
HIV survives for only a short time outside the body
HIV can infect only homosexual men and drug users
Being HIV positive means you can t do certain things like be a nurse or parent
HIV positive people are treated just like everyone else
Scientists are five years from a cure for AIDS
People who have HIV cannot have sex with people who do not have HIV
Straight women only get HIV because their men are on the down low
HIV/AIDS is a chronic manageable disease
HIV is a punishment from God
HIV will progress to AIDS and the person will die soon
Only people from the lower socio economic class are affected by HIV
HIV and AIDS are only caused through sex
The baby of a HIV Positive pregnant mother will also have the infection
I m straight and don t use drugs I won t become HIV positive
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