precaution while using microscope

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Never touch the finger onlenses

Precaution while using Microscope

A microscope is an instrument used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye.
Never touch the finger onlenses

Never touch thelenseswith your fingers. Your body produces an oil that smudges the glass. This oil can even etch the glass if left on too long. Use onlyLENS PAPERto clean the glass. Most educational labs want the microscopes to be covered and put back into the storage cabinet. Check with the head of the laboratory to verify if this microscope safety procedure is required. Some laboratories leave the microscopes out so it is best to double check.

Be sure to clean and disinfect the eyepiece
Sharp Objects
Eyestrain problems
Basic Rules for Caring for Microscopes
Microscope eyepieces
Inappropriate lighting conditions
Respect the light source
Do not touch the lenses
Clean materials and work area
Always carry the microscope with two hands
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