most favourite disney princes

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Special Mentions

Most Favourite Disney Princes

Special Mentions

Captain John Smith and Captain Li Shang are neither royal by birth nor do they become princes by marriage. But, that doesn t stop them from being in the same stature as a prince, because being a prince requires much more than blue blood. John, an adventurous soul, falls in love with the rustic and wild ways of Pocahontas. Li is a dutiful, reserved man who brings perfect balance with his calmness as opposed to Mulan s intrepidity. Then there s the rugged Kristoff who proves yet again that one doesn t need to be suave and handsome, or a prince by Disney s affiliation, to love and be loved, as he returns to help Anna. Elsa sure can t not give her blessing and her sister s hand to him. Disney has created some other interesting princes, as well. Peter Pan, Hercules, Tarzan, Quasimodo, Robin Hood, and many more have stolen the hearts of our beloved princesses, and charmed us in the process.

Prince Philip
Flynn Rider
Prince Henry
Prince Simba
Special Mentions
Most Favourite Disney Princes
Prince Naveen
Prince Eric
The Beast
Prince Florian
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