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13. Chakrasana
wheel pose
In this asana, the body is bent towards the back in circular pose, hence it is known as Chakrasana. The body can be bent at the waist forward or backward. While bending forward, the body does not appear in a circular pose. However in backward bends, the body looks like a circular pose. Hence, it is known as Chakrasana.
In the general form of the asana, the practitioner has hands and feet on the floor, and the abdomen arches up toward the sky. Wheel Pose may be entered from a supine position or through a less rigorous supine backbend, such as Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge Pose). Some advanced practitioners can move into Wheel Pose by "dropping back" from Tadasana (Mountain Pose), or by standing with the back to a wall, reaching arms overhead and walking hands down the wall toward the floor. Advanced practitioners may also follow wheel with any of its variations (listed below), or with other backbends, such as Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana, or by pushing back up to stand in Tadasana.
" Chakrasana (Backward Somersault) presents both a physical and psychological challenge to many. Chakra means ""wheel,"" which correlates to both the rolling action of the somersault and the circular shape of the spine as you perform the pose. One way to create this roundness and begin practicing the pose is to use a blanket, much as you would in Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand).
Place the blanket under your shoulders so the neck and head extend beyond it onto your mat. Once you have your blanket set up, bring the legs overhead into Halasana (Plow Pose). To get more roundness in the spine, bend the knees and bring them toward the ears. Place the hands on the mat underneath the shoulders and bring the elbows over the wrists. Resist the tendency for the elbows to splay apart in Chakrasana—this only weakens the work of the hands and arms and puts more pressure on the neck, and your hands are the primary source of leverage here to roll the body over.
Keep the chin pressed firmly against the top of the chest and gaze at the navel to protect the neck. Press the back of the head against the floor and push into your hands to roll yourself over. It's a good idea to use a soft surface (carpet or grass) when learning this pose. "
"1. The entire front part of the body is being stretch entirely, which is good for people who are introverts as the openness in the heart may work on their heart chakra.
2. Due to the stretch at the upper part of the abdomen muscles, it gives some pressure on the internal organs of the abdomen and therefore, increasing their efficiency
3. The muscles on the front part of the thighs are stretch and the calves are strengthening while doing and holding the pose. This will also help to strengthen the leg muscles.
4. This pose is extremely beneficial for those who sit long hours in front of the desk or computer as they usually hunch over the desk all day long. The backward bend in the pose will relieves tension or stress from the body and help in decreasing the ailments arising out of it.
5. This pose will also help in toning and strengthening the entire back muscles."
"1. People who suffer from serious spinal column ailments, such as cervical and lumbar spondylities should avoid doing this pose
2. If there is not much spine flexibility at the beginning, one should not force or push the body into doing the pose.
3. Because of the deep arch to the spine, it is best to do a counter pose, such as Matsyasana(Fish pose) after practicing Chakrasana, to relieve any strain from the spine. "
"1. The whole back is in a backward arching position. There should be no tension in between the shoulder blades and in the neck region.
2. The weight of the body is distributed evenly on the feet and palms. You can do so by shifting the body (not the palms or feet) back and forth to find a balance in the weight distributed.
3. The neck should be in a relaxed position. Do not turn the head to either side as this might put unnecessary tension to the neck and shoulder.
4. The facial muscles should be relaxed and calm.
5. Feel the openness of the chest and breath slow and steadily while in the pose."

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