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47. Parirutha Janu Shrishasana
Head-to-Knee Pose
In a seated position, one leg is extended with toes pointing upward, and the other leg is bent with knee pointing away from the straight leg and the sole of the foot in by the groin. The torso turns and folds over the extended leg. Janu Sirsasana is a spinal twist, as well as a forward fold. The potential is to free up constriction in different parts of the back and to loosen the hamstrings. Janu Sirsasana differs from Paschimottanasana in its asymmetry in the legs and hips, and in the twisting action this asana imparts to the spine.
This exercise appears to be similar to Janu Shirshasana. The only variation is leaning the body on one side.1. Stretch the trunk back so that the body is leaned on the side. 2.Try to move the head in order to face the top3. Hold in the posture for about 20 seconds with normal breathing.4. Inhale slowly and release the hands and move the trunk back to the original position. 5. Repeat this posture on the other side too.
1. This helps to cure all spinal problems and the spine becomes more elastic.
2. Helps to cure constipation and indigestion.
3. Practicing this exercise cures joint and rheumatic pains.
4. This is helpful to diabetic patients and those suffering form kidney trouble.
5. This exercise rejuvenates and develops the back and its nerves. It is helpful to those who are suffering from back pain.
6. The problems of gall bladder and abdominal disorders are cured.
seated pose

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