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51. Paryankasana
Couch Pose
The practice of this asana should be done on a clean and calm environment. Spread a mat or bed sheet on the floor and stand on the knees for the practice of this asana viz bend your legs from the knees and bring them backward and then stand straight. Now bend your body backwards slowly and lie down on the back. Take the support of the elbows while bending the body backward and join both the knees together after lying down. Keep your mouth upward and keep neck and body straight. Now keep fingers of your both hands on the chest by opening. Breathing activity should be kept slow at the time of practice of this asana. Stay in this position for sometime in the beginning of this asana but after becoming proficient in this asana, stay in this position for 3 minutes.
"Lie down flat and turn to the left side. Keep the palm below the head and above the left ear for support. Inhale, lift the right leg up and hold the big toe by fingers of right hand. Look at the toe and breathe five times in same position. Exhaling, bring down the leg. repeat the same on your right side and come back to normal position.This pose may not seem so comfy or one that will allow for a quick snooze, but it offers a tremendous opening, with ease, when done supported. This pose is like supta virasana, and requires flexibility in the knees and ankles. If you are unable to do virasana, then the pose can be done with the legs extended, the legs in baddha konasana or the legs in sukhasana.Prior to doing the pose it is good to do a few gentle twists in order to prepare the spine for arching backward. If you have a great deal of stiffness in your spine, then do other simple back-arches to warm up.Sit in virasana with your pelvis on the floor. Place a bolster horizontal to your spine. The bolster or blanket platform should be 6-10? tall, or enough to elevate your thoracic spine in such a way that you achieve a dome shape in your upper trunk.As you recline, be sure that the prop is under your shoulder blades, not the middle of your back. The arch should resemble the fish pose (matsyasana).As you recline pin your shoulder blades away from your ears, trapping them on the bolster so that your entire upper body is wedged upward. Be sure that your head stays in contact with the floor. Should your head float, then support it with a blanket.With your hands clasped into your elbows, extend your elbows toward the wall behind you and down toward the floor. However the elbows need not be on the floor.Stay for 2-3 minutes.The pose can be done without the prop support. in the unsupported version, be sure that you weight bear on the mid line of the skull. In both versions the pelvis does not leave the floor."
"This pose opens the lungs and chest and is a good preparation for pranayama.It helps with lymph drainage, as the lymph flows from abdomen into the chest and supports lymph drainage under the collar bones.It benefits the thyroid and parathyroid as the anterior neck spine is stretched and toned It benefits the vocal cords, throat and tongue, as this area is fully stretched.It stretches the respiratory diaphragm and actively stretches the abdominal organs.It stretches the feet, quadriceps and ilio-psoas.There is pressure on the reproductive organs and bladder by the practice of this asana. It is helpful in making nervous system and blood circulation fast. This asana affects the reproductive organs and provides relief in delivery pain too. "
The practice of this asana should not be done by pregnant woman after fourth month of the pregnancy. DonŐt bend the body suddenly backwards without handsŐ support at the time of practice otherwise it may be harmful.
The Parayankasana Bed Pose is a difficult asana that with practice can provide amazing benefits to the body.

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