fitness stretching

Standing Toe Flexor Stretch

Fitness Stretching

Standing Toe Flexor Stretch

Foot and Calf Stretches:

Stand upright while facing the wall, 1 to 2 feet (30 to 61 cm) away. Keeping the heel of the foot on the floor, press the bottoms of the toes of the right foot up against the wall. The ball of the foot should be more than half an inch (more than 2 cm) above the floor. Lean forward and slide the ball of the foot slowly down, keeping the toes pressed against the wall.

Affected Body Part:
Most-stretched muscles: Right flexor digitorum brevis, right quadratus plantae, right flexor digiti minimi brevis, right flexor hallucis brevis, right lumbricales, right plantar interosseous, right abductor hallucis, right abductor digiti minimi.
Lesser-stretched muscles: Right flexor digitorum longus, right flexor hallucis longus, right posterior tibialis.

Make sure that the ball of the foot is parallel to the floor. This ensures that all of the toes are stretched equally. Also, slide the ball of the foot down slowly; otherwise, overstretching could happen. Bending the right knee slightly and moving the knee forward toward the wall will incorporate the calf muscles in the stretch.

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