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How this works for me

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
How this works for me

Breaking my study down like this into manageable chunks is the way that I like to study normally. Like your teen, I would feel extremely low at the prospect of having an infinite number of study hours ahead of me. But if I set myself a manageable 1 2 hour task, then thats all I have to focus on for that time I put can in the energy and effort the task requires without feeling overwhelmed.
Once I complete a task I usually have a break make a cup of tea, have a squiz at whats going on in the world then Im ready to launch into the next task. How much study your can teen do in a given time will depend on them. But if they structure things so that they study in these task based chunks, they should at least be studying productively.

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