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Top Tips for Study Success Infographic

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
Top Tips for Study Success Infographic

Sometimes you need to go back to basics to get the most out of your study sessions. Scroll down this graphic and check yourself: how many of these good practices are you following regularly? Source The International Association of Book keepers, designed by Reflect Digital

3 Simple Tips For Improving Your Teens Memory
The Most Powerful Procrastination Squashing Technique For Exam Study
Do you still think procrastination is good for you
Hard facts and flash cards
Procrastination Do not delay what can be done today
What IS important is the effort they put in
Every student no matter how experienced or naturally smart
ways to destroy exam time stress
Get Top Marks With Simple Exam Answers
What Do Good Studiers Do
The next step is to get some sort of weekly routine sorted
So have a go at making a study timetablewith your teen
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