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What your teen should do this weekend

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
What your teen should do this weekend

Your teens task for this weekend with your help is to have a think about what study techniques they already find effective, and then make a conscious effort to think about where these techniques might fit into their Study Formula. Your teen might already know what study techniques they find effective, but I want them to consciously think about where in their study process they fit. What Im saying is that your teen might sort of have a Study Formula already but not realise it. I want your teen to know what their Study Formula is.

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How can you help
How A Study Formula Guarantees Straight As
The Simple Solution To Procrastination
Make a Cheat Sheet
Where do you start
This method gives your teen focus
How To Make Semester Study Count Towards Exam Study
What is your teen good at
How Your Teen Can Make The Most Of Tutoring
Studying But Not Getting The Grades How To Find And Fix Your Trouble Spot
This stuff can be a pain to study because you just have toknow it
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