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The Biggest Exam Study Mistake Your Teen Can Make

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tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
The Biggest Exam Study Mistake Your Teen Can Make

If I had to pick one thing that prevents teens from getting the grades theyre capable of, it would be this. Well, maybe its second to not actually studying. Whatever this is really important. If your teen is putting in the effort but their grades dont reflect it, its probably because theyre studying everything, without studying whats really important.

Can you answer the question
This stuff can be a pain to study because you just have toknow it
Reading but not understanding
Now the REALLY IMPORTANT part is that your teen sticks to this timetable
Techniques for remaining calm on the day itself
When you have little things to look forward to it makes the task much easier to tackle
Projection thinking is the key
There is good news though
Why You Need To Know Your Teens Study Strengths And Weaknesses
If its important write it down
Is your teen struggling to study effectively
Is your teen mixing it up
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