top wealthiest pro wrestlers of all time

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John Cena

Top Wealthiest Pro Wrestlers of All Time

There are many things to consider when in comes to the wealthiest wrestlers of all time.
John Cena

He has not been a favorite among certain pockets of pro wrestling fans who have grown tired of seeing him in main events. Even those individuals cannot, however, deny how importantJohn Cenahas been to the WWE and to the pro wrestling industry. The biggest babyface draw of his time will be a firstballot HallofFamer, maybe even before he is finished working as an active wrestler, and Cena has also appeared in movie and television roles. There is no question that the wrestling world is far better off having had Cena in the WWE for over a decade.

Hulk Hogan
John Layfield
Kevin Nash
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Vince McMahon
John Cena
The Big Show
Kurt Angle
Eric Bischoff
Bill Goldberg
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