precautions while using overhead projectors

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Precautions while using Overhead Projectors

During most corporate meets, business owners hire projectors from reliable, take proper precautions
Provide best view

An overhead projector should have an on/off switch. This switch should automatically allow the cooling fan to continue running even when the switch is off so that the bulb can cool properly. Overheads also allow you to get the best view of your overhead transparency by offering different methods of adjusting the focus. You can raise and lower the head on many models with a knob or lever. Other models have a keystone feature that allows you to adjust the image if its not projecting square with the screen. Some models of overheads may have bulb changers that make it easy to swap out used bulbs.

Cover the transparency when you are done using it
Stand off to one side of the overhead projector while you face the audience
The Use of Overhead Projectors in Education
Effectively use the overhead projector
Overhead projector has been a favorite presentation tool
Overhead Projector Usage
Overhead projectors are more reachable and less costly
Overhead Transparencies
Good presentation
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