benefits of star apple

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Purple star apples

Benefits of Star Apple

Purple star apples

Purple star apples have a thick skin attached to a rind. The rind of this fruit is usually a dark purple color, and the pulp ranges from a light purplish color to white. The dark purple fruit is 612.5mm thick and have soft white milky sweet pulp. The peel may be redpurple, darkpurple, or palegreen. It is smooth, glossy, and leathery. In purple fruits, the inner rind is dark purple, and in green fruits, white.

Keeping Quality
Cure hangovers and prickly heat
100 Persent premium starfruit juice
Reverse Aging
Star apple flowers
Folklore Uses
Ultraviolet radiation and pests
Some treat diarrhea and dysentery
Stimulate milk flow
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