precautions while using electrical equipment

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Equipment and clothing

Precautions while using Electrical Equipment

Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment .
Equipment and clothing

Use the correct safety equipment and clothing. Remeber: gloves, clothes and shoes. Electrical cables and equipment are not 100% efficient. For every kiloWatt of power passing through there will be a few watts of heat dissipated in the cable due to the resistance in the copper (or other) conductors and the losses in electronic components. This heat will cause the equipment to heat up. How much it heats up depends on how fast the heat is conducted away from the cable or the equipment.

Check that the equipment is suitable for the electrical supply
Underground and overhead electrical supplies
Do not let the wires and cables become disorganized
What are the risks from electricity
Turn off switches before working on electrical gadgets
Never bring liquids in close proximity of wires
Never neglect electric repairing tasks
Cover exposed live metal
protective clothes and shoes
Making Use Of a Residual Current Device
Basic electrical safety
Check that the outer cover of the equipment is not damaged
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