precautions while using electrical equipment

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Limit the exposure

Precautions while using Electrical Equipment

Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment .
Limit the exposure

Have live parts exposed for as little time as necessary. This does not mean that you should work hastily. Be organized so that the job can be done efficiently. Provide a means to switch off any equipment if someone should somehow be trapped by moving parts or receive an electrical shock. For large items of machinery this will usually be in the form of an emergency stop button. For simpler equipment it will be a plug and socket (just unplug to switch off) or a local switch. This should be accessible. Having the socket for a washing machine or a fridge hidden behind the machine is no use in an emergency move the socket to the side or provide a switch where you can get at it which feeds the hidden socket.

Check the electrical cable is not damaged
Maintenance and repairs
Use other forms of power
One hand face and body to side
Checking the Suitability Of the Equipment
Equipment and clothing
Avoid contact with energized electrical circuits
Reduce the voltage
Never bring liquids in close proximity of wires
Turn off switches before working on electrical gadgets
Think ahead
Electrical Equipment
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