precautions while using electrical equipment

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Use other forms of power

Precautions while using Electrical Equipment

Safety Rules for Working with Electrical Equipment .
Use other forms of power

Electrical risks can sometimes be eliminated by using air, hydraulic or hand powered tools. These are especially useful in harsh conditions, but remember they could introduce other hazards. If equipment has ventilation holes then make sure air circulation through these is not blocked. If equipment has a heat sink (such as the ridges on some electric motors and electronic motor drives) then make sure air can circulate freely around the heat sink. Devices with heat sinks will get hot in normal operation. Be careful where you mount these devices. Anything rubbing against these may get scorched over time.

Check the electrical supply is safe to use
Underground and overhead electrical supplies
Checking the Power of the Equipment
Reduce the voltage
What are the risks from electricity
Maintain your electrical equipment and installations
protective clothes and shoes
Limit the energy to reduce the risk
Use the right equipment
Cover grounded metalwork
Electrical Safety
Think ahead
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