benefits of star apple

Green star apple

Benefits of Star Apple

Green star apple

Green star apple has a thinner skin and rind. The rind and pulp of this fruit are both a milky white color. The leathery skin in green fruit is white and it is 35 mm thick with soft and sweet pulp. The pulp is white, soft, and milky surrounding 6 to 11 seeds. The seeds are contained in rubbery seed cells, and each seed is surrounded by a gelatinous pulp. When the fruit is cut transversely, the seed cells are seen to radiate outwardly from a central core, producing a starshaped pattern.

Help to fortify bones
Star apple flowers
Very low calorie
Help with nausea and indigestion
Cure in ringworm and chicken pox
Purple star apples
Star apple
Pests and Diseases
Fruit salad
Source of calcium
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