benefits of radicchio

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Boost energy

Benefits of Radicchio

Boost energy

Radicchio, like other vegetableshigh in antioxidants, boost overall health, wellness, and energy. Dark red radicchio has an antioxidant score of 3,537 per 100 grams. Green radicchio can be used in fresh applications such as a salad or as an edible cup or wrap, it is also sturdy enough to hold up in cooked preparations. It can be grilled, baked, roasted, saut?ed, poached or boiled into soup, stews and risottos. Its hardiness makes it ideal as part of a bed of greens for grilled meats. Antioxidantrich foods support the bodys metabolism.

Bile Production
Radicchio is lactucopicrin
Nutritional Content of Radicchio
High blood pressure regulation
Radicchio can help promote better eye health
High fiber content
Boost energy
How to Store Radicchio
Digestion and colon cleansing
cool season vegetable
Metabolism and cellular processes
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