precautions while using nail paint

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Apply a top coat and let it dry

Precautions while using Nail Paint

A few safety precautions you must know before you start doing your Nail Paint.
Apply a top coat and let it dry

If you want to, you can apply a fast setting top coat (available in beauty stores) and make sure it sets really soon. If you dont have a top coat, dip your fingers in ice cold water. This sets the nails polish and gives it a nice shine. Hold the brush between your thumb pad and against the side of your index finger (try adding the finger next to it a little as well for extra support). The idea is to steady your hand whilst keeping your thumb and index fingers free to manipulate the brush you are holding.

Open the bottle of colored polish and remove any excess from the brush
Nail polish remover
What are the harmful ingredients used in Nail Polish
What is the latest news around toxic chemicals used in Nail Polish
Top coat
Push back your cuticles
Take off any old polish
Clean up any mess
Paint French tips
Allow the first coat of polish to dry before applying a second
Try other nail painting ideas
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