benefits of peas

Health Benefits

Benefits of Peas

Health Benefits

Green peas have been largely overlooked in research studies on legumes, which have tended to concentrate only on beans. In studies where the health benefits of green peas have been directly examined, its usually been in their dried versus fresh form. These research trends are ones that we would really like to see reversed! Due to the lack of widescale health research on green peas, many of the connections that we would expect to see need further research substantiation. Despite the lack of studies directly linking green pea intake to improved health, we believe that the outstanding nutrient composition of green peas will eventually be shown to have farreaching health benefits, extending well beyond the ones presented in this Health Benefits section.

Stomach cancer prevention
Wrinkles and Osteoporosis
Good Source of Iron
InDepth Nutritional Profile
Prevention of wrinkles Alzheimers
Great for your bones
Tips for Preparing Green Peas
Nutritional Profile
Benefits of Vitamin C
Helps reduce depression
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