whatsapp for beginners

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Step 1 Download WhatsApp for your phone

WhatsApp for Beginners

Step 1 Download WhatsApp for your phone

The app is available?on its website?and in the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace.WhatsApp does not sell advertising so users have a clean messaging experience, but that means that they charge a small fee for using the app. iPhone users pay $1.99 to download the app, while other phones can download the app and enjoy a one year trial for free. After that, there is a $0.99 subscription fee for using WhatsApp.

Step 5 Invite friends you did like to message to use WhatsApp
How to Use WhatsApp
How it works
Tips for WhatsApp
Step 4 Change your status
Step 2 Launch the app from your smartphone
Step 1 Download WhatsApp for your phone
Step 6 Start a chat
what is whatsapp
Step 3 Manage your Favorites
Step 7 Wait for your message to be delivered to your friends phone
Step 8 Manage your chats
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