whatsapp for beginners

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Step 3 Manage your Favorites

WhatsApp for Beginners

Step 3 Manage your Favorites

Once in your account, you will see all of your contacts who already have a WhatsApp account on the Favorites tab. Keeping this list will allow you to know who has WhatsApp, but it may be too cluttered if you want to access a few frequent contacts with ease

1. You can tap Edit in the top left corner and then Delete All to clear the list and start from scratch, or toggle the red delete switch next to each name to delete people individually
2. You can still see your contacts in the Contacts tab (middle button of the navigation bar). Contacts who have WhatsApp will have their statuses displayed underneath their name. If you tap on a contact, you will also know if they have WhatsApp because it will give you the option to Message instead of Invite to WhatsApp.

Tips for WhatsApp
Step 3 Manage your Favorites
Step 9 Change your settings
Step 8 Manage your chats
How to Use WhatsApp
what is whatsapp
How it works
Step 7 Wait for your message to be delivered to your friends phone
Step 6 Start a chat
Step 5 Invite friends you did like to message to use WhatsApp
Step 4 Change your status
Step 2 Launch the app from your smartphone
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