benefits of jalapeno

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Calories Fat Protein and Carbohydrates

Benefits of Jalapeno

Calories Fat Protein and Carbohydrates

Most people don t eat a large quantity of jalapeno peppers at one time. Their intense heat makes even a few slices of this pepper per meal enough to satisfy most people s desire for spice. Eating one whole jalapeno pepper gives you only about 4 calories and less than 1 gram of fat, protein and carbohydrate, according the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This makes jalapeno peppers an excellent flavor addition for any weight management or weight loss plan. They re also a great seasoning, if you re watching your daily salt intake or trying to limit your fat intake to improve blood pressure or cholesterol.

Cardiovascular Benefits
Cancer fighting properties
Does jalapeno pepper benefit hair
Cooking with Jalapenos
Calories Fat Protein and Carbohydrates
Jalapeno peppers health benefits
Weight Loss
Is jalapeno a good cure for stomach problems
Jalapenos rich in capsaicin
Good source of vitamin C
Potassium and folic acid
High Blood Pressure
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