cutest animal facts

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Gentoo Penguins express their love simplistically

Cutest Animal Facts

It's hard to say what it is about animals that we love the most their cute or beautiful looks.
Gentoo Penguins express their love simplistically

Penguins express their love to their partners, who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, with a pebble.

Snow Leopards love their tails
Polar Bears are extremely polite especially when they need a favour
Chimp babies are basically like human baby girls
Elephants have babysitters
Elephant shrews have giant relatives
Gentoo Penguins express their love simplistically
Cows love music
This is Colonel in Chief Sir Nils Olav
Male puppies are epic examples of being chivalrous
Pigs do what many humans cant
Whats a binky
Pikas understand the importance of the term survival of the fittest
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