benefits of custard apple

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Benefits of Custard Apple


Custard apple is a tropical branched tree or shrub, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. It grows around 3 meters to 8 meters in length. The leaves are thin and oblong, while the flowers are greenish yellow. The conical fruit, with a purple knobby skin, is very sweet and eaten fresh or can be used for milkshakes, ice creams and even sherbets. The fruit is juicy and creamywhite and looks like a giant raspberry. The plant is native to both America and India. It is popularly known as andSharifaand in India.

Lowers Pigmentation Problems
Keeps Infections At Bay
Naturally Heals The Skin Infections
Excellent Source Of Iron
Preparation uses and tips
For A Luxurious Moisturized Hair
Medicinal Uses of Custard Apple
Good For PimpleProne Skin
Buying and storing tips
Healthy Heart
Copper and Fiber
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