benefits of custard apple

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Benefits of Custard Apple


Custard apple is a tropical branched tree or shrub, indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. It grows around 3 meters to 8 meters in length. The leaves are thin and oblong, while the flowers are greenish yellow. The conical fruit, with a purple knobby skin, is very sweet and eaten fresh or can be used for milkshakes, ice creams and even sherbets. The fruit is juicy and creamywhite and looks like a giant raspberry. The plant is native to both America and India. It is popularly known as andSharifaand in India.

Lowers Pigmentation Problems
For A Better Vision
Leaves controls Diabetes
Cardiac Health
Delays Ageing And Keeps Skin Youthful
Replenish Your Energy Levels
Excellent for Diabetics
For A Luxurious Moisturized Hair
For A Stronger Digestive System
Hilary White
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