benefits of apples

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Introduction to Apples

Benefits of Apples

Introduction to Apples

Apples are some of the most popular and delicious fruits on the planet, and there is nothing like biting into a bright, red, juicy apple to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth, all while boosting your health in a major way. The apple is a pomaceous fruit whose tree belongs to the Rosaceae family, and it has the scientific name of Malus domestica.

InDepth Nutritional Profile
ACV can help you reduce heartburn
Beauty Benefits of Apple Juice
How Many Calories are in Apple Juice
Cardiovascular Benefits
AntioxidantRich Pulp
Apple juice is a fruit juice
Curb all sorts of cancers
Drink Your Apple a Day
Lowers the risk of dementia
Prevent cataracts
Detoxify your liver
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