precautions while using washing machine

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Button to select suitable delay wash program

Precautions while using Washing Machine

These tips should help you and your family to stay safe when using a washing machine.
Button to select suitable delay wash program

After switching on the power, the delay time program is set to off mode automatically. If you need to set the washing procedure to be fi nished at delay time, please push the DELAY button to set the delay wash program. Refer to delay button in Page 11 for selection.

Washers and Children
Working with washing machines
Look for easy to use controls
Get the Fabric Softener into the Washing Machine
Look for machines that are the right size
Washer hoses
The load capacity should be as much as you need
Prevent musty odors and mildew
Be cool
Always sort your laundry for washing
Dont overload the machine
Wash settings
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