precautions while using washing machine

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Look for machines that are the right size

Precautions while using Washing Machine

These tips should help you and your family to stay safe when using a washing machine.
Look for machines that are the right size

Know exactly how much space you will be able to allocate for keeping the washing machine. And, make sure that the dimensions of the washing machine you are buying are less than that space. Leaving some free space around the appliance will prevent overheating during extended washing sessions. Do not buy the units that have dimensions equal to or greater than the available space. This is a mistake many buyers make, only to find in chagrin later on that their bright new washing machines are too big for their homes.

Wash load sensor
Level the washing machine
Regular cleaning
Prevent musty odors and mildew
Look for machines that are the right size
Dont overload the machine
Measure the Liquid Fabric Softener
Regular maintenance
Top load machines
Avoid using hot water
Washing machine operating
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