benefits of apples

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Antioxidant Benefits

Benefits of Apples

Antioxidant Benefits

Apples strong antioxidant benefits are also related to their ability to lower risk of asthma in numerous studies, and their ability to lower risk of lung cancer. In addition to their unusual polyphenol composition, apples also provides us with about 8 milligrams of vitamin C. While that amount is not a lot, its still important, especially since the recycling of vitamin C in our body depends on the presence of flavonoids and apples do an amazing job of providing us with those flavonoids.

How to Buy and Store
Anti Aging Ingredient
Avert hemorrhoids
It is an allnatural massage treatment
It can help your body get rid of candida
Nutritional Profile
ACV can help you reduce heartburn
Skin Care
ACV is great for your lymphatic system
Controls and Prevents Pimple Eruptions
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