tips to get ready for work

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Hair Time Savers

Tips to get ready for Work

Work as a term in broad sense may refer and include any kind of activity.
Hair Time Savers

If you are used to blow drying and ironing your hair each morning, try a new look for morning gym days. If you are always fighting your curly hair, try to tame and embrace your natural hair. Quick tips as soon as you are out of the shower put in curling creme , and do not use a towel to dry it, use a t-shirt instead . Either let it air dry , or use a diffuser. If you are not going for the curly and wavy look, try a sock bun. When done correctly this looks super buttoned up, but its a quick style . Im also a fan of the easy ,fishtail braid. No time to wash your hair? If it looks clean enough but just needs a little something, spray in dry shampoo, add a headband and head out the door.Work on this routine and see what works for you.

Update your wardrobe
Multitask In The Shower
Plan Ahead
Brush Your Teeth After You Eat Breakfast
Brush Your Hair
Hair Time Savers
Get Up nice and early
Try upgrading
Financial Issues
Gather everything you need together
Run Around
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