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Tips to get ready for Foreign Trip

Set Your Away Message
Phone Home
Rake It In
Know the difference between direct and nonstop flights and always opt for the latter
Make sure you buy your ticket under the exact name that appears on your ID
Select your seats ASAP
Get to your gateway city as early as you can
Double check foreign document requirements
Set your luggage apart from the pack
Stockpile samples
BYO blanket and disinfecting wipes too
Pack your electronics in a single layer
Do your own bag check before you leave
Know your airport s code
Ask about your options
Exercise caution in duty free shops
Spring for an afternoon in the lounge
Bring a car seat for your child
Corral your in flight necessities
Stow your bag near your seat
Call for help
Utilize cell phone lots
Get fed fast
Dealing With Seat Kickers
Dealing With Talkative Seat Mates
Getting Around a Sleeping Neighbor
Always pack a hat
What to pack what to leave
Your health
Your safety
Personal finances abroad
Self reflection
Get a passport and anything is possible
Become Familiar with not fluent in the Language
Figure out the exchange rate
Get ready to plug in
Understand the local food scene plan ahead of time to stay hydrated and like a good girl scout be prepared
Cut back on electronic gadgetry Or at least get ready to charge it
Do not learn the hard way what cellphone use overseas will cost
Learn what is offensive in your host country
Put together your flying pharmacy
Your most important safety decision will be choosing safe accommodations
Dress for the destination
Get down tonight keep radar up
Scan all important documents
Bring a travel first aid kit
Make a List With What You Need
Get a passport
Check the visa requirements for your destination
Check for immunization recommendations
Study up on the language
Find out the international exchange rate by searching for currency converters online
Find out electrical standards by doing an Internet search
Research the local atmosphere customs and manners
Learn the local dress and customs
Learn what is considered appropriate touch
Have a communication plan with family and friends at home
Pack wisely
Have a good attitude
Bags with wheels are amazing
Do not forget your camera charger
Never pack something that you haven
Buy that delightfully grotesque souvenir
Do not go into a McDonald
Always ask museum staff for tips
Tip your hotel housekeeping staff
Take notes
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