tips to remove pimples on face

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Tips to Remove Pimples on Face


Vitamin A is rich in tomatoes which helps to nourish the dead skin and also rejuvenates. This vitamin A will participate in healing the process with quick skin growth and removes the scars. No need of following the big process for using the tomatoes, its simple. Just take tomato slices and make a pulp. Apply the pulp so that you will get little water substance. Apply on face and leave it for 20mins. Wash with warm water. You can also mix avocados or cucumbers. Paste all these and apply as a mask. Leave it for 30mins and wash with cool water. Do follow this for two days per a week and observe the results.

Sugar scrub
Citrus face pack
Basil Leaves
Use dermatological products or treatments
Egg white
Keep your face clean
Cinnamon and Honey Mask
Lemon face pack
Orange Peel and Juice
Watch your hair often
Aloe vera and turmeric pack
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