how to care for your nails

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Easy on Nail Polish

How to Care for Your Nails

To keep your fingernails looking their best: Keep fingernails dry and clean.
Easy on Nail Polish

Although colorful nails are quite cool, nail polish actually does a lot of damage to your nails. The reason is that nail polishes contain acetone, which makes your nails soft. Don t manicure your nails more often than once a week and buy only high quality nail polishes. If your nail polish has passed its expiration date, throw it right away.

Smooth It Out
Fight Fungus
Practice good nail hygiene
Avoid acetone based polish removers
Moisturize post sanitizer
Nail Creams
Filing and Polishing
Ignore problems
Acrylic or Gel Nails
Cuticle Removing
Follow a good diet for nails
Use some tricks and remedies to clean your nails and remove stains
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