how to care for your nails

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Trim your nails when they get too long

How to Care for Your Nails

To keep your fingernails looking their best: Keep fingernails dry and clean.
Trim your nails when they get too long

Cut nails when they reach a point that s to high for you. If you don t clip them when needed they can tear or get caught on things. Even worse it can scratch things like you. Take special care with your toenails. For true nail care, trim your toenails in a straight line and not in a curved manner. Inappropriate toenail cutting, toe injuries and even ill fitting boots or shoes might result in minute pieces of these toenails splitting up at the corners. This can also lead the problem of ingrown nails.

Filing and Polishing
Never put your hands in hot or icy water
Rubber Gloves Are Your Friends
Learn proper cuticle care
Nail Creams
Remember toenails count
Limit professional manicures
Keep Your Nails Healthy
Ask your doctor about biotin
Keep them well moisturized
Calcium Gels and Nail Hardeners
Personal hygiene
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