tips to succeed in business

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Commitment to the journey

Tips to succeed in Business

To succeed in business today, you need to be flexible and have good planning and organizational skil
Commitment to the journey

Here is what I believe is the number one key to success for an entrepreneur. Are you committed? What I am trying to say is that in all of my observations, and from my own experience, I find that the journey is always the same. It s a long road of self examination and improvement, skill examination and education. It s making judgment calls about people, things and situations. You continually correct the course until you are headed in the right direction. To trust your gut, to keep the faith, to make it through tough times, takes practice. The question is can you stick it out? Do you quit because the money is low? Do you quit because you can t find the right people? When do you say it s over?

Be Uncomfortable
Keep your ego
Use the Internet
Reinvent your business
Come early stay late
Find your niche
The major company asset is you
Know Thyself
Be flexible
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