makeover tips for cheeks

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People with fairer skin have cool undertones and should use mauve or pink colors

Makeover Tips for Cheeks

Expert advice for choosing and using the best blushes and face bronzers.
People with fairer skin have cool undertones and should use mauve or pink colors

Use a medium sized round brush, swirl it in your blush on and dust off any excess powder. Smile widely and brush it lightly in circular motion on the apples of the cheeks. This gives a slightly blushed and glowing look which is great for the day. If you want to give a bit more color, add some more blush, dust off and brush it just under the cheek bone towards hairline. This gives an illusion of high cheekbones as it highlights the contours, adding a yummy look. You can also do this by sucking your cheeks in and applying on the hollows towards hairline.

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