makeover tips for cheeks

Makeover Tips for Cheeks

Expert advice for choosing and using the best blushes and face bronzers.
1. this is one facial feature we choose to ignore
If you do apply blush on or bronzing shimmer to it, we do not do it the right way. It is about time that we realized how important it is to apply blush on correctly, because there are very few among us who know how to apply it. It is horrifying when girls overdo the blush on part and look like blushing damsels or even worse, clowns.
2. Mess your look
Everybody has a unique skin type and tone which you need to be aware of so that you are able to choose the right colors and type of blush on. People with dry skin should use cream blush on to add moisture and it is preferable that the rest skin types apply powder blush on.
3. People with fairer skin have cool undertones and should use mauve or pink colors
Use a medium sized round brush, swirl it in your blush on and dust off any excess powder. Smile widely and brush it lightly in circular motion on the apples of the cheeks. This gives a slightly blushed and glowing look which is great for the day. If you want to give a bit more color, add some more blush, dust off and brush it just under the cheek bone towards hairline. This gives an illusion of high cheekbones as it highlights the contours, adding a yummy look. You can also do this by sucking your cheeks in and applying on the hollows towards hairline.
4. Use the index and ring finger to blend the color
Use circular motion and blend it well so it does not appear in spots.For a glitzy look, apply some gold or bronze shimmer to your cheek just under the eyes so you glow when you smile. If you have a round or full face, apply blush more on the cheek, near your hairline.
5. Gel Blusher
Gel Blusher is best for the flawless complexion, that does not require a foundation. Apply over a moisturised skin, moving swiftly before it dries out. Make sure the edges are blended well and you do notend up with circles of colour. Over powder or foundation can prove a challenge to get it right.
6. Cheek Stains
Cheek Stains these are difficult to blend in, with very little time to get it right. They are great at giving a very natural flush, with very long lasting power.
7. Cream Powder uses
some formulations blend away to a powder, with greater time for blending than gel and stain blushers. Because of ease of application these are my most favoured type of blusher. It is suitable on bare skin and foundation giving a natural glow. Use your middle finger to dab onto the centre of your cheeks and blend outwards.
8. Cream Blushers
Cream Blushers are a heavier cream and tend to contain oils and waxes. Warm on the back of your hand, this Cream Blushers are a heavier cream and tend to contain oils and waxes. Warm on the back of your hand.
9. Powder Blushers
these need to be applied with a very light touch and at the end of the makeup to add warmth and colour. I use a small fan brush as it applies a fine dusting of blusher, and you can build on the colour easily if required. Large dome blusher brushes can lead to a heavy application if not careful excess colour needs to be knocked off the brush before applying. Never go directly to your face from the blusher compact.
10. Bronzing Powder
Bronzing Powder can also be used as a blusher, being careful how much is applied. Another effect is the sun kissed look, using the bronzer where the sun would catch your skin naturally the top of the forehead, cheek bones, across the bridge of nose and the chin. Another trick with bronzer is to sculpt your features, creating defined cheek bones and reducing features. An important rule is to blend and blend, as dark smudges can be the undesired effect.

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