important tips for hiring the best employees

Important Tips for Hiring the Best Employees

Important Tips for Hiring the Best Employees
1. Important Tips for Hiring the Best Employees
Choosing the right hires for your organization whether its a startup or otherwise is crucial to building a thriving business. And while the importance of hiring the right people cant be downplayed for any business, there may be more challenges for startups, including tight resources, uncertainty, or the fact that candidates may never have heard of your company. People are truly the backbone of any successful company, and, as CEO, Ive opted for a hands on approach to the hiring process to ensure we hire the best. While this isnt for all CEOs, Ive found that as a female entrepreneur and executive, my insight bolsters our HR department and ensures weve built (and are continuing to build) the best and the brightest team.
2. Play an active role
The CEO of a tech startup wears a lot of hats. Indeed, this may be true of any startup employee. Were fortunate enough at this juncture that were of the size that I can have a hands on role in the hiring process. I believe this gives both me and our HR team the ability to find the most qualified candidates who are also the best fit for our culture. This is a rather polarizing issue, though Im certainly not the only CEO in tech to review new hires. It depends on an individuals leadership and management style. I opt for an active role in our hiring process, which includes interviewing all candidates, because it ensures an open line of communication between HR and myself. It also helps managers understand what the company needs as far as culture is concerned I can communicate to them what sort of candidates we are looking for, and who would be the best fit.
3. Emphasize culture
Culture is a significant part of any company, large or small, and I find it is particularly important for startups. A startup, as the name implies, is laying the foundation on which it will be built. Your hires are essential to this early stage, and can often make or break a company. One way to ensure you make the right hires is to have a good understanding of your companys culture that is, of your companys vision and working environment. As an executive, having that clear idea of your companys culture should help you build a team thats in line with your vision.
4. Get social
A good recruiting strategy is like a good marketing strategy. A major part of it is getting your company name out there and creating visibility for yourself. I encourage my HR team myself included to grow their social networks as much as possible, and to post and share updates on our company. Social media for recruiting is more popular than ever: 92 percent of companies use platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for recruitment, and 45 percent of Fortune 500 firms include links to social media on their career page sections. LinkedIn is of course especially useful for recruiting, but Twitter and Facebook are also great ways to share whats going on at Revel. A good social recruiting strategy is essentially marketing the employer sharing great content and trying to reach as much of your target audience as possible. No matter your style or methods, as the CEO of any company its essential to listen to your employees. Having a sense of their thoughts and needs will not only help maintain balance but will help your company continue to grow and thrive far into the future.
5. Define the Job Before Hiring an Employee
Hiring the right employee starts with a job analysis. The job analysis enables you to collect information about the duties, responsibilities, necessary skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. The information from the job analysis is fundamental to developing the job description for the new employee. The job description assists you to plan your recruiting strategy for hiring the right employee.
6. What Is a Scheduled Absence
An absence is the scheduled time off from work that occurs when an employee is not present at work during a normally scheduled work period. Excused absences are scheduled in advance for such events as vacation, medical appointments, military service, family activities, surgery, jury duty, funerals and more that cannot be scheduled outside of regular work hours. Absences are generally compensated when their frequency and rationale fall within the guidelines established in the organization's attendance policy.
7. Absenteeism Policy
A policy that provides guidance within an organization about how to manage the state of chronic absence from work. Absenteeism is usually addressed through progressively stricter disciplinary measures that can result in the termination of the individual's employment. This is generally governed by the organizations attendance policy.
8. Employee and Applicant Accommodation Under ADA
A recent article about disability awareness and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sparked some serious questions about how far an employer needs to go to accommodate an applicant or an employee with a disability. The answer is: as far as possible to accommodate the needs of a person with a disability so they can perform the core functions of their job. Good employers are committed to keeping valued employees working.
9. Enculturation Definition
Enculturation is a socialization process by which new workers adjust to, and become part of, the corporate culture of their new company, office, department, and so forth. Some companies help new employees embrace their organization's culture through orientation or onboarding sessions and other Human Resources (HR) initiatives. Departments should welcome new employees with a plan that will help the new person learn their job.
10. What Is Age Discrimination
Age discrimination is adverse work treatment of an employee based on a class or category that the employee belongs to

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