how to increase blood in body


How To Increase Blood In Body

you should also have nutritious food which increases blood cells and flow in the body.

Mulberries come in three colours: red, white, and black. Revered as the latest superfood, mulberries have been praised by Dr. Oz on his show. Not only are they great for diabetics, but they are also rich in iron, making it a great fruit of choice for anemics and those looking to increase their haemoglobin levels. Every 100 g of mulberries contains 1.8 mg of iron. In China, the mulberry tree is hailed as the tree of life ; there are significant medical uses for its leaves, bark, fruit, and roots. Mulberries are a great fruit to add to your iron rich diet, because they are delicious, and can be used either dried or fresh to garnish your dessert or spruce up that boring morning oatmeal.

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