expert tips on integrating mobile and cloud strategies

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Understand the how what where when and who of data

Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies

Understand the how what where when and who of data

The key to creating an effective cloud and mobile strategy lies in context. By understanding the details surrounding app usage in real time (what data is being shared with whom, if it's being shared with someone outside of the organization, what sensitive data is at risk for compromise), IT gains the ability to make informed policy decisions around mobile and cloud usage, said Sanjay Beri (@sanjberi), CEO and founder, Netskope. Further, it enables IT to spot suspicious activity and take appropriate counteraction right away. A strategy based on contextual understanding of cloud and mobile usage helps your organization move into the business of brokering safe cloud usage.

Utilize productivity suites
Focus on the user
Ignore server data organization when defining mobile strategy
Recognize that mobile and cloud are symbiotic and synergistic
Secure mobile device data at all stages
Expose APIs to mobile
Speed up mobile application development
Get Goldilocks visibility into your cloud
Ask your employees what they want
Integrate unified communications
Use Big Data to understand user mobile behavior
Manage poor connectivity to the cloud
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