costliest video games ever produced

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Grand Theft Auto V

Costliest Video Games Ever Produced

Grand Theft Auto V

While GTA IV cost Rockstar a hefty sum to advertise and develop, this didnt deter them from going even further in the game sequel. GTA V which cost a reported$265 Millionneeded over 1000 Rockstar employees from around the world to work on the game for a number of years. Los Santos is a detailed resemblance of Los Angeles and the games huge open world scale, said to be why the project needed so much work.

Shenmue II
Final Fantasy VII
Star Wars The Old Republic
Grand Theft Auto IV
Too Humans
Costliest Video Games Ever Produced
Red Dead Redemption
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Max Payne 3
Grand Theft Auto V
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