success tips for students

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Be prepared for classes

Success Tips For Students

Success Tips For Students
Be prepared for classes

Check out the Academic Schedule of Dates in the online Course Calendar to find out when classes begin.
Print off your schedule of classes and find your classrooms before the first day.
Be sure to get the course syllabus (outline) from your professor. This will contain important information about the course, marking scheme, and office hours of your professor.
Keep your syllabus throughout the term, and be sure to refer to it frequently. It can also act as a study guide during midterms and exams.
Go to Class, Although most professors do not take attendance, it is important to get the most out of your lectures by attending.

Know your strengths
Successful Students Prioritize
Plan specific times for studying
Talk about what theyre learning
Like all exceptionally great students
Work to Your Strengths
Are responsible and active
Understand that actions affect learning
Take responsibility
Try not to do too much studying at one time
Take Care of Themselves
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