success tips for students

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Understand that actions affect learning

Success Tips For Students

Success Tips For Students
Understand that actions affect learning

Successful students know their personal behavior affect their feelings and emotions which in turn can affect learning.If you act in a certain way that normally produces particular feelings, you will begin to experience those feelings. Act like youre bored, and youll become bored. Act like youre uninterested, and youll become uninterested. So the next time you have trouble concentrating in the classroom, act like an interested person: lean forward, place your feet flat on the floor, maintain eye contact with the professor, nod occasionally, take notes, and ask questions. Not only will you benefit directly from your actions, your classmates and professor may also get more excited and enthusiastic.

Utilize Campus Career Resources
Dont put off work for later
Are responsible and active
Make Connections
Be prepared
Ask questions
Get Involved
Learn that a student and a professor make a team
Take responsibility
Have educational goals
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