benefits of custard apple

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Prevents Sleep deprivation

Benefits of Custard Apple

Prevents Sleep deprivation

custard apple are high calorie content fruit which makes body stronger, since custard apple has the effect of killing lice itands been used for making hair oil in many countries, andif it gets collapses when you press this fruit gently, we come to know that it is reached the best level of taste to eat, eating custard makes better circulation all over the body also to the brain which will be helpful in concentrating and listening thus increasing the memory power to the childrenands as well as adults.

Excellent Source Of Iron
Delays Ageing And Keeps Skin Youthful
Replenish Your Energy Levels
Preparation uses and tips
For A Stronger Digestive System
Medicinal Uses of Custard Apple
Natural Anticancerous Properties
Naturally Heals The Skin Infections
Helps To Eliminate Lice
For A Better Vision
Natural Antidote For Morning Sickness
For A Strong Dental System
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