rules to play baseball

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Run the bases

Rules to play Baseball

Run the bases

While the ball is moving across the field, either through the air or along the ground, the batter (who is now called the runner or baserunner) drops the bat and runs as fast as possible towards first base. As long as the runner doesnt get a flyout, tag out, or ground out, he or she can stop at first base, or keep going until its no longer safe. In the meantime, the fielders work to collect the ball and return it to the runners position to get him or her out.
Fielders are allowed to throw the ball to each other or run with the ball in order to get it close enough to the runner to get an out. Runners arent allowed to touch the ball on their own.
A runner who isnt in danger of being forced or grounded out can sometimes avoid being tagged out at a base by sliding underneath the baseman and trying to touch the base before the ball touches him or her. As long as even one fingertip or toe is touching the base before the runner is tagged, he or she is safe.

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