rules to play baseball

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Drive forward with regular plays

Rules to play Baseball

Drive forward with regular plays

Home runs are fun, but not common enough to be relied upon as a means of winning the game. Instead, focus on learning how far to run after a normal hit. By knowing when to stop and wait, you can stay in play longer and raise your chances of scoring a point. There are three other runs from home plate aside from the home run
A single is a run from home plate to first base. Its perhaps the most common type of run, due to its safety and flexibility.
A double is a run from home plate to second base. Most of the time, a double is a smart choice for medium distance hits, or hits that leave the fielding team distracted by another player on second or third base.
A triple is a run from home plate to third base. Triples are uncommon, but they often lead to runs soon after.

Learn the roles of the teams
The Field
The Positions
The Equipment
Trade outs for runs with sacrifice plays
Steal bases
Understand the role of umpires
Understand the basic concepts
Set up the field
Pitch swing and hit the ball
On Offense
Team scores
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