rules to play baseball

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Set up the field

Rules to play Baseball

Set up the field

Each defensive player takes a position on the field. The shortstop, second baseman, and outfielders stand in the middle of their areas. The rest of the players stand on specific spots pitcher on the mound, first and third basemen on their bases, catcher behind home plate. The batter stands in either the left (right handed) or right (left handed) batting box on one side of home plate. The umpire briefly checks to verify that everyone is in the proper position, then shouts play ball to begin the game.

Try a hit and run play
Learn about outs
The Equipment
Steal bases
Team scores
Understand the infield fly rule
Understand the basic concepts
Learn about strikes balls and fouls
Set up the field
Load bases
Hit a home run
Understand the role of umpires
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