what to eat in west bengal

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The Kachchi Biriani

What to Eat in West Bengal

The specialty of traditional Bengali food lies in the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors.
The Kachchi Biriani

This famous dish is now the mainstay of a wedding in a wealthy family in Dhaka. It is cooked with parboiled rice cooked with layers of raw kacchi mutton pieces, quite distinct from the West Bengal variety, which uses basmati rice and pakki (precooked) mutton pieces . When on dum, i.e., steamed in a sealed pot over slow wood fire [gas fire, or electric cooker will not do] both rice and mutton will cook perfectly. Special spices including very expensive saffron is used by the famous chefs of this special dish.

mishti doi
Payesh Kheer
Tehari and Biriani
Ombol or Aum bol
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