stylish hair

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Puffed up Pony

Stylish Hair

Puffed up Pony

Hair type: Medium straight hair

Hair Spray, clip, rubber band, thin toothed comb, hair band

a. Comb your hair forwards and clip the section of hair from ear to ear to put it out of way.
b. Now take a bunch of hair from the centre and do back combing with a thin toothed comb to give volume in the centre. Put hair spray to make the puffed up hair stable.
c. Unclip the front hair, flatten and comb over the puffed up hair.
d. Gather all the hair at the nape of the neck, leaving just a few strands from the centre and tie them with a rubber band to make a high pony.
e. Curl the left out strands of hair around the rubber band to hide it and slid a slim hair - band close to the hairline.

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