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Ways to Reduce Your Impact

Change to CFLs
Up 2 degress in summer 2 down in winter
Recycle your junk mail
Dont let your water continue running
Make a Compost pile
Unplug unused electronics
Plant a tree
Buy local
Use masstransit carpool walking biking
Make sure your tires are inflated
Use a line to dry your clothes
Turn off the pilot flame of your gas furnace in the summer
Use Tote bags when you shop
Install low flow sink and faucet aerators
Full loads of dish washing and clothes cleaning
Get rid of excess weight in your car
Throw away bottle caps
Turn off the lights when you leave the room
Energy Star
Air Seal your home
Insulate your walls
Fresh Filters
Cheap Insulation Rugs
Power Strips
Computer sleep mode and hibernate mode
Printing and Photocopying
If you can use recycled paper
Clean fridge or freezer coils
Brooms before Hoses
Shorten your showers
Dont use so much detergant
Lawn mower blades
Wash your car on the lawn
Limit your play with the hose
Dont defrost food with running water
Cold water cycle
Freezer fillers
Pressure cookers and microwaves
Cool down your spa when you are not using it
Get Tested dont be afraid to ask
Low Wattage is good wattage
Your Chemical Non Romance
Combine errands and trips
Get regular engine tuneups
Smooth Driving
Non Recyclable Water Jugs
Reuse Computer Paper
Green Cleaning
Handkerchiefs instead of tissues
Energy Efficiency Rebates
Materials on the holidays are so before this instructable
Go Digital with books
Kill A Watt
Use a Rain Barrel
Homemade Gifts
How to Recycle Your Phone Books
If it s Yellow let it mello if it s brown flush it down
Refill Your Mugs no Styrofoam
Purchase recyclable toys
Dont use bad chemicals on your garden
Cloth diapers
Snip 6 pack rings
Clean the lint screen
Use refillable container
Close your refridgerator door
Use rechargeable batteries
Donate old clothes to charity
Environmental Friendly Home Colors
Use a whiteboard chalk board
Toilet paper rolls
Buy Organic
Buy eggs in cardboard flats
Chop by hand
Recycle used deoderant containers
Reuse Your Chopsticks
Reusable Coffee Filters
Refill Your Lighters
Rent an environment friendly car
Recycle AC coolent
Work at home
Limit the cars you own
Recycle Your Ink Jet Cartridges
Hotel linens towels
Clean up after your pets
Cremation instead of a burial
Pick up Litter
Teach others
Join a club
Support local environment legislation
Contact elected officials
Dont have recycling
Upgrade your computer
Email instead of snail mail
Mechanical Pencils
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